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Do I Need an Abortion?

There are many aspects to sexual health.  You deserve an advocate and someone who can answer your questions and help you with the concerns you are facing.  At Hope Clinic our consultations are a chance for you to have your questions answered.  Our abortion counseling help is a chance to pause from life and sort through your thoughts in an environment that is supportive of you so that you can confidently move forward in the next step of your situation. You are offered an opportunity to take control of your sexual health.

  • How am I going to tell people?
  • I was raped and think I might be pregnant, now what?
  • Can I take my friend’s birth control in place of the morning after pill?
  • Can the RU486 be reversed?
  • How do I know if I have an STD / STI?

At Hope Clinic we create a setting that provides clarity in whatever situation you may be facing.  Hope Clinic is a safe place for you to share your concerns about your sexual health.  Our trained staff and volunteers are here to listen and provide you with caring and confidential medical services, abortion counseling help, and a list of referrals. Consider us your advocate when it comes to sexual health concerns. From pregnancy, to relationships, to STD/STI concerns, to sexual abuse, or even date rape, you have a friend at Hope Clinic.

Confidential. Compassionate. Caring.

Are you pregnant or concerned you might be?  Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, want to learn about birth control and STDs/STIs, or want to discuss relationships, we at Hope Clinic, are here to sit down with you. Our care-coordinators are compassionate, caring, and above all, confidential. At Hope Clinic we will walk along side of you through your journey no matter what you are facing.

There are different types of abortion procedures based on your current stage of pregnancy. To confirm your pregnancy and viability of it, schedule an appointment.



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