Think You’re Pregnant

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Think You’re Pregnant

Have you missed a period? Had a positive home pregnancy test? Maybe something just FEELS different. These are all common starting places for our clients. If you are sexually active and have suspicions of a possible pregnancy, the first step is to have a lab quality pregnancy test to verify that you are pregnant.

  • Have a lab quality pregnancy test
  • Have an ultrasound, regardless of your intentions for the pregnancy
  • Decide how to proceed

The second step, after verification, is to have an ultrasound. Having an ultrasound is extremely important, regardless of your intentions for the pregnancy. For more information about why an ultrasound is important visit our ultrasound page.

Last is deciding what your plans are for the future of the pregnancy. Hope Clinic offers lab quality pregnancy testing and limited OB ultrasound at no cost to our clients. Because we care, Hope Clinic strives to provide confidential support through every step of this process.

Make an Appointment

There are different types of abortion procedures based on your current stage of pregnancy. To confirm your pregnancy and viability of it, schedule an appointment.



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