Home Test Results


Home Test Results

Wondering what to do now that you have taken your home pregnancy test? No matter the result, Hope Clinic is here so that you can take control of your sexual health

Negative Test Results

    It’s negative. My life can go back to the way it was, right?
    The test was negative, but I still haven’t started my period?
    How long does it take for tests to show I’m pregnant?

For someone not planning to have children in the near future, a pregnancy scare can make you reconsider almost everything. Birth control becomes something to think about, STD/STIs become a possibility, and sometimes you just have questions. There are many factors that can impact the female reproductive system and while pregnancy may still be a possibility for some, learning what could be going on inside your body is essential for anyone who is sexually active.  Hope Clinic is here to help you take control of your sexual health, regardless of your test result.

Positive Test Results

It’s definitely positive. What do I do now?
There’s a line there, Well… kind of.
Could it be a false positive?

Depending on your plans, a positive home pregnancy test could make it seem like your world is coming apart. It is essential that you have this test result confirmed by a healthcare professional and have an ultrasound to see age, placement, and viability of pregnancy before doing anything else. Hope Clinic is here to provide these services at no charge to our patients. For more information on why this is important see our Ultrasound Page.

There are different types of abortion procedures based on your current stage of pregnancy. To confirm your pregnancy and viability of it, schedule an appointment.



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