Raising Your Baby

I’m pregnant? This was not in the plan. The thoughts of raising a baby maybe overwhelming you. You may have many questions about what your next steps are to face this journey.

  • How will I finish school?
  • How much support do I really have?
  • What about childcare?
  • Will I breastfeed or use formula?
  • What doctor should I seek care from?
  • What about health insurance?

Hope Clinic is a place for you to pause and create a plan of action. You do not have to sort through these thoughts on your own. Our compassionate care-coordinators are here and ready to help you. We have resources and referral list to help you get started and feel more at ease in this transition time of your life.

There are different types of abortion procedures based on your current stage of pregnancy. To confirm your pregnancy and viability of it, schedule an appointment.



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